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I made a selection of stuff for lunch the other day, this is for both the kids.
Tortilla rolls, grape skewers, banana, crackers and cheese and a small package of raisins. 

I used a small stripe of cellophane to keep the rolls in place, held together with a piece of washi tape.

Rhubarb Pie
I wanted a new kind of pie shell that was quick and easy, and still gave that good pie-feeling. So I made a round of, and shaped them while still warm into something that could hold the filling. I used a cupcake pan to keep them in shape while they cooled.

The filing is store bought vanilla custard with a bit uf rhubarb jam that I made for the occasion.

I just boiled chopped up pieces of rhubarb at medium heet for a good while, adding a bit of sugar and lemon to balance the taste.

The result was freakin’ awesome.

Children’s lunch intro

I like to do small things to make things special. I also don’t do this every day! Most of the time they get a boring lunch, but sometimes it can be more fun than doing a regular sandwhich, and obviously they enjoy it too :)

To spice up a sandwhich either by making a large shape, like a favourite character (charaben), or in pretty random things, preferably following a theme (decoben):

You can use a big cookie cutter to cut out a sandwhich, single or double

You can use a small paper cone to decorate it with condiments like katchup, soy sauce, mayo

You can use paper punches or scissors to cut out pieces of Nori

You can use small cookie cutters to cut out cheese, ham, vegetables.

Straws in all sizes are good for cutting out eyes or in a pinch (pun intended), tear drop shapes or similiar.

You can also use a knife, this can be more efficient for simple, large shapes.
Some people use a template that they have drawn or printed out, and cut out. It’s then easy to place the tenplate on top of the food and cut around it.

I also like to vary the container a bit, sometimes I pack in a double layer classical Bento box, other times in a large box that takes a lot of small boxes. Sometimes I use a paper or plastic bag. My favourite bags are the ones I get when I buy vegetables, they have a handle that makes it easy to carry them. Plus it feels good to give it one extra use :)

When the sandwhiches are not decorated I like to use paper to pack them in, if they are I prefer cling film so that it stays in place.

Farm Lunch

This time I felt like doing something new, something that felt more like a gift then lunch :)

So I made little sandwhiches decorated with farm animals, wrapped them in plastic foil to make them stay in place and stay fresh.

Added some crackers, also with a farm animal theme, and finally a small cheese where I cut out a butterfly. The crackers i put in a bag used to keep cut up fruit from being bruised. You blow it up, and it acts as a padding to keep them from crumbling.

I put all this into a cellophane bag.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my birthday, hurray!We had a classic meal with a twist, “Plankstek” gone mad:

Then I made these little beauties, it’s my trusted brownie recipe ( with a lot of chocolate and a lot of nuts, pimped up using small flowers made from ready bought white sugar paste that rolled out, cut into flowers, curved a little and finally brushed with edible shimmer dust. I also added some small mint leaves from my balcony herb garden, and a bit of whipped cream.

Can’t wait until after dinner tonight, when I suspect I will have another :)

Yesterday I had 2, but I instantly regretted it.
Very nice, but also VERY rich and filling.

Savory muffin revisited

We were heading for the beach, so I went for my trusted food muffin recipe,

I substituted the ingredients a bit, I usually don’t change the base of the recipe, but put whatever I have at hand as the filling. Sun dried tomatoes, olives, salami, any kind of onion, leek, or chives, some pieces of cheese you got left. Anything, really! It’s just a very quick way to get something to eat that’s easy to bring.

Just take heed that it doesn’t crumble in transport!

Fresh gluten free tomato pasta

Remember my filled pasta
Well, this is the tomato version:

Fresh Gluten Free Tomato Pasta

1 1/2 dl Tapioca flour
1 1/2 dl Rice flour
1 dl Amaranth flour
1 tbsp Psyllium husk
1 tsp Salt

2 Egg
2 tbsp Olive oil
140 gr Pureed tomato

Mix first the dry ingredients, then all the rest thoroughly in a food processor, or by hand
Use a pasta machine or a rolling pin to make thin sheets
Form the pasta using an appropriate tool or just a knife. I recently purchased this tagliatelle pin, but found it a bit cumbersome to use, and ended up using the pasta machine. Make sure the pasta is lightly dusted so it doesn’t stick to itself. I also got a tortellini cutter that I used to make squares with a pretty edge.

I always use glutenous rice flour for baking out…. it’s gluten free, if you are wondering :D

Also, make sure the baking out surface is never used to handle gluten full ingredients, since the crumbs and flour can get stuck in all the nooks and crannies.

It’s kind of obvious I guess, but when I suddenly realized that all I had to do to get bows was to squeeze the rectangles, it was still a bit of a a-ha moment to me :)

I like to pair tomato pasta with creamy and heavy ingredients to match the sweet and sour taste. I also sometimes add paprika powder to the mix, makes for a more radiant red, and an extra edge to the taste.

This time I made a sauce with cream, lemon, chicken, rose mary and onion.

Simple but elegant menu for 2

So I knocked out this little number, I think for our wedding anniversary, and since it was very quick and rewarding  though I might share the process with you.

I used a ready made pulled pork, heated in the oven and paired it with Pommes Anna with sweet potato, some green beans and horse radish cream. 

Pommes Anna with sweet potato
Thin slices of sweet potato layered with melted butter, salt and pepper, and into the oven. It’s common to use a metal ring to stack the potatoes, but this time I put them in silicon molds instead.

Horse radish cream
Horse radish (Mine came from a tube), together with lightly beaten cream (or sour cream), and some crushed garlic to boost. The vegetables I gave a quick fry in loads of butter. You didn’t need a lot to feel full, to put it like that. Pretty rich :D

The dessert is some kind of no-flour cake, but I thought it was rather spongy, so I’ll not bore you with the recipe.